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My best friend Ann called me to see her at a cafe. I was so surprised that why she asked me out on Sunday evening. She was busy at night. She needed to take care of her little baby. I did not know what happened. But I felt that there must be something unusual occurred.

We met each other at the café at eight o’clock. We knew this café for several years. We used to go to have a cup of coffee every weekend before she married with Bob. I found she was haggard. And I could gamble that she cried for several hours before I saw her.

Several minutes later, she begged me to buy a spy camera for her. She told me that she found that her husband Bob may have sexual relationship with his secretary. She wanted to spy on her husband. If she could find the proof, she may win their daughter and get the most property to begin a new life. I did not know what to do. I did not know if I should help her. I persuaded her to calm down. We talked a lot that night.

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I checked it on the Internet. And found it is legal to use a spy camera in some states. Although using a spy camera in California is legal. But I still could not make a decision to help her since her husband was my friend. What should I do? I chose to wait another two days to make a decision.

I thought a lot during the past two days. Both of them were my friends. We had known each other for almost 10 years. They fell in love at the first sight when they were 18 years old. I was the one who had witnessed the journey of their love in the four years’ college.

They chose to be the only one of their life at the age of 22 after graduated. I still could remember how happy they were in the wedding ceremony. They changed the rings and kissed each other with the witness of their parents, friends and pastor. And they promised that they would love each other until the end of their life.

After marriage, they lived a happy life. One year later, they had a lovely baby who is as beautiful as an angel. Their friends and colleagues envied their happy life. But I knew that they were not happy as before. They felt tired to take care of their child. Both of them reluctant to quit their job to take care the family. At lastPsychology Articles, Ann made a concession. She quitted her job to stay at home as a house wife.

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